Reading out NTC 1k connected to central heating and solar water heating


There are 4 temperature sensors connected to our central heating system:

1 is an NTC 1k placed outside connected to the central heating unit 3 sensors are connected to the sun boiler (heat exchanger & boiler & temperature panels)

I want to read out and log those data (without interfering...) and I am a newbie :~ Goal: have a webpage on my server with graphs, trends and efficiency of the heating system over time....

Any idea how I should progress and which components I would need?

  • Can I connect extra wires from already connected temperature sensors?
  • Communication to server backend? I've RJ45 cabled nearby... maybe useful for POE as well?

If your aim is to avoid disturbing the existing system then more information will be needed about how these sensors are configured...

You might find it easier to add extra sensors and avoid having this complication - however what temperatures are being measured - air? water?