Reading output from Max6675 with K-type Thermocouple using Simulink

Dear all,

I am new in Arduino and I need your help.

I have already connected Max6675 with K-type thermocouple into Arduino (UNO R3) and already displayed the temperature using a code and LCD (it worked perfect).

Now, I want to read the same output signal from Max6675 ([SO in max6675], [pin 8 in Arduino]) using Simulink. I have tried to use 'digital input' block in Simulink in which its output was connected to a scope, but the output signal was always 0.

Any idea on how to read the output signal from Max6675 using simulink so that I can compare the signal obtained from Simulink with that already obtained from LCD??

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks

Happy Christmas

It's probably best to ask on a Simulink forum.

Or write a conventional Arduino sketch which outputs the data in a form that both you and Simulink can read from a serial port.

Thanks MorganS,

anybody worked with Max6675 and Simulink who can help me on this?