Reading pins that are in a Matrix and storing the values into an array

I’ve been trying to use digitalRead to read a value of pins in an array then assign those values to a new array. I then try to add all the 1’s and 0’s in the array and test it against another value, but I read the values as 0’s on the serial monitor every time I run the code with current running through some of the pins. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

void loop() {
  Vector<int> blocks;
  int B[grid];
  int sum_of_blocks;
  int C;
  if(T == 1){
   A = area[random(0,10)];
   T = 0;
  }else if(T == 0){
   int j;
    for(j=0; j= grid; j++){
     B[j]= digitalRead(readPins[j]); // Reads pins from the grid and stores it into array B 
   int l;
    for (int m=(sizeof(B)/sizeof(B[0])); m > 0; --m){ // Adds all elements in the blocks vector
      sum_of_blocks += B[m-1];
   C = sum_of_blocks;
    if(C == A){ // Checks if block vector sum is == to random generated area to restart the program with a new A
      T = 1;
      T = 0;

for(j=0; j= grid; j++){
Did you mean
for(j=0; j <= grid; j++){

Does that change the meaning of the coding?
The second parameter just tells the for loop when to stop and if “j” = grid then it should be the same if j<=grid. I’m new to coding in general so let me know if I’m wrong.

“The second parameter just tells the for loop when to stop ”
Does it?

If your condition is j= grid; how does the ‘for’ flow chart work?

If the condition is changed to j<= grid; how does the ‘for’ flow chart work differently?

‘for’ flow chart: