Reading Ps3 Controller Using USB hub or analog pins

I'm currently working on a project using a ps3 controller on Nintendo switch using Arduino.

I already have my R3 recognized as a controller, and I'm basing my project off of "".

I currently have a serial connection from the Type A port on the arduino communicating my switch, but I'd need another serial port to talk to the ps3 controller. This was I can read inputs from the ps3 controller and output them in a

My question is, can I use a USB hub for this, and if so how do i discern between the input and output. Could I communicate without using the type A port? I've tried tearing apart a mini usb, and connecting the Tx/Rx directly to analog pins, but this spits out numbers without a recognizable pattern. Any other ideas/solutions would be appreciated.

I apologize if this has an obvious answer, I'm pretty new to interfacing with hardware.