Reading RC Car Receiver and sending signal to ESC

I want to read in the reciever signal to my Arduino Uno and then send the signal to an ESC using interrupts.
I found the following code: RCArduino: How To Read an RC Receiver With A Microcontroller - Part 1.
This works great for seeing in the console what the Reciever is sending, but i don't know how to output the data to the ECS.
Could anyone help me on that?

What do you mean you want to send the signal using interrupts? What is going to be doing the interrupting?

And what changes do you want to make to the signal before you send it to the ESC? There must be some otherwise it would be easier just to plug the ESC into the receiver without bothering with the Arduino.

If you are using the program from that page what values do you get from it?


Later on I want to use this method to manipulate the values sent to the escs since i have two of them based on the position of a servo.
The values I get using this program range from 1000 to 2000.

That is your interface to ESCs. Treat them just like a servo.