Reading RFID Tags

Afternoon Everybody,
I’m looking for some help and guidance from the experts out there.

I am trying to read the site code and serial number from a 125KHz RFID tag that is stored using the Wiegand 26 format.

I have a DFRduino Duemilanove 328 and a Honeywell OmniProx OP10 HID compatible card/tag reader.

The tags work, because my alarm system uses them, but I need the codes to program into an access control system. (I can’t get them from the alarm control panel, they are hidden)

The problem that I am having is that I get nothing using any of the example code that I have found on the forum/www, even though they all appear to share common reader connection to the arduino

What am likely to be doing wrong?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated, as this is driving me nuts!


Wiegand_Reader.ino (6.66 KB)

Wiegand_Reader_2.ino (4.27 KB)

Wiegand_Take_12.ino (1.68 KB)

Wiegand26_Reader_Mike_Cook_Code.ino (2.01 KB)

WiegandTest.ino (331 Bytes)