Reading RPM with optical encoder


I am relatively inexperienced with arduino, and I have an optical encoder with quadrature that I need to use to read RPM.
This is the encoder:

This is the data sheet here (page 5):

All I need to do with this is read and output an RPM, and looking online it seemed like using interrupts is the correct method of doing this?

I am more confident that I can wire it correctly, and can adjust to using different pins etc, but I do not know where to start with writing the code.

If anyone could help I'd appreciate it! Thank you!

Try a Google search for"arduino rpm code". There must be a tutorial or 2 to give you ideas.

You generally don't need interrupts, and the techniques of reading will also depend on the speed the pulses come in. 10 per second or 100k per second makes a difference in approach.