Reading RS485 data from Pentair Intellichlor

I am working on a pool automation project and I would like to be able to monitor and possibly control my salt system from it. The salt system generates chlorine from the salt in the water and has an RS485 data port. Has anyone else looked into doing this and if so would you be willing to provide any information on it? I tried to hook into the data bus a little while ago but I didn't see any data on the bus. I'll likely try again soon but figured someone out there might have already dealt with this.

I would also like any info on this in the manual that through the port you can adjust the chlorinators output and read hours used on the cell and all kinds of nifty things including the pools current salt level and water temp. I would like the ability to add a chlorine sensor and a ph sensor to help aid in the balancing of the pool and the ability to control the pump(s) and the light remotely the arduino is perfect for this task.