Reading Serial data form GSM module, HELP!

Hey all, I want to read data Serially from Gsm Module by sending AT commands Directly,

I am using Arduino- Gsm Library (for SMS and Calling), and did find any function to write and read directly like softSerial,

what is the function to read?

Some How I found the way to Write from,

theGSM3ShieldV1ModemCore.genericCommand_rqc(" AT-command ");


theGSM3ShieldV1ModemCore.println(" AT-command ");

both are compiling with no errors, Now I want to read response from GSMmodule and store it to a temporary string for processing.

Thanks In advance, Bhanu Teja

I what some code Similar to This, Bcz I am using Gsm Library, I cant Use SoftSerial with same Pins. :o :confused:

byte i=0;
mySerial.println( "AT+CCLK?" );
if (mySerial.available()
   if (i==50)


You need to post your complete program so we can see how and where variables, pin usage etc are defined.

You may find some useful ideas in Serial Input Basics


Just pin 3 and pin 10, I am Using official Gsm library which comes with IDE, There are lots of function in Library, and I am unable to figure out which function can directly send data to GSM-module, and read back data coming from gsm-module.

What are the function or /Which Function Can I use to send and read data at core level, just like,Serial.Write/Print for gsm module using officalGsm library, I hope that made sense?

Thanks In advance, I opened every File of library, but didn't Understand a bit ;(

BhanuTejaJ: Just pin 3 and pin 10,

That is not your complete program


Thanks In advance, I opened every File of library, but didn’t Understand a bit ;(

Try one of the examples that utilize the GSM library: