Reading serial output of an Arduino Uno on FreePie

FreePIE (Programmable Input Emulator) is a application for bridging and emulating input devices. (FreePIE (Programmable Input Emulator))

I am trying to create a project where in I will read the digital output of a potentiometer (20k) and have it input data into Windows similar to an HID Game Controller. To be more specific I am creating a car simulator while having the potentiometer act as the pedal.

I do not want it to output a keyboard stroke as I want to separately program it within FreePie to create an axis for the throttle.

-How do you make windows detect the potentiometer similar to a game controller?

-Is there a better way to do this?

-Are there better alternative software for this?

Any help or advice will be much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should be asking this question on the FreePIE forum.