Reading temperature and humidity from "HSU-07M"

"Rescued" a HSU-07M temperature and humidity sensor from an HP laser printer.

Haven't found anyone else using one. So just wired it up and used some other code that I found about reading temperatures. ( Using a Temp Sensor | TMP36 Temperature Sensor | Adafruit Learning System )

Currently outputs this

1.04 volts
53.52 degrees C
128.33 degrees F

But I know it is around 20 degrees C.

Does anyone have any idea where I am going wrong? ( using a 5v mini if that is important )

You can’t just wire stuff up and use code for another device.
You need to find a data sheet on the device and it’s characteristic ( output verses temperature, supply voltage) , then write some code to deal with it .

Unless you are doing this for a specific reason , there are other cheap well supported temperature and humidity sensors out there.

Yes I do understand that but I haven't been able to find anything that helped me to figure out how to use this sensor.

And yes there are plenty of other sensors that are cheap and documented on how to use them, but I am trying to reuse as much as I can and avoid things being thrown away.