Reading the AVR code that is withing Arduino Specific Functions

I'm a student building a line tracking robot system. All of our studies are based off another microcontroller platform/code set but for some reason they decided to create this robot using ATMEL328p. Having only 3-4 weeks to complete this code I find it near impossible to relearn and be proficient with this instruction set and not confuse the two before my finals. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use the Arduino coding language.

I'm hoping there is some way that if I program this unit using arduino, I can look within a function say "digitalWrite();" or "analogRead();" find the atmel code and fill in the blanks...

Does anybody know how I can do this? or if it is even possible? or any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

The word you are looking for is "assembly"

Rebuild your source - blinky should be fine - and root around for the various object files.

Did your instructor say to not use "Arduino coding language" or C/C++?

If you can use C/C++ the source is included with the IDE.

We aren't aloud to use any arduino commands.

  • I want to find a way to see the source code from arduino commands.

What do you mean rebuild my source?
and what is blinky? or are you making reference to that link?

we can definitely use C/C++

Thanks for your help Keith.

If you can use C/C++ it is much easier. Just get the IDE and use the instructions here:

blinky is the first embedded program to blink a LED, just to get the source built. Since you don't need assembler, you don't need that.

Oh, I see.

Ill give this a shot. Thanks man!