reading the resistance of different vegetables

I'm trying to measure the resistance from different fruit/vegetables using a simple voltage divider setup.

I measured different Rveg somewhere between 100K and 800K (from apples to zucchini). but I cannot seem to stretch the range I read from analogIn to be large enough to be usable.

I tried using different resistors for the other part of the divider, and even pot's so I could adjust the division (this works to some extent)

but I can't seem to figure out what the best solution would be. there is a movie illustrating the problem (with the console outputting values) eventual goal is a 4 step sequencer driving a modded korg monotron using vegetables as steps, looks like this right now



I’ve just seen this post (measuring ground moisture),37975.0.html

this could also work for the vegetables I think. Is this better then a “regular” voltage divider?
tips/advice anyone?