Reading UDP data in to an array (ethercard library)

I have a sketch that works perfectly fine in Arduino using the Ethernet library, I am porting my project to the arduino nano with enc28j60 ethernet shield,

This is where the first problem arose as the standard ethernet library doesn't have support for the enc28j60, I tried the ethercard library which while not throwing any compile errors for a basic dhcp sketch failed to get an IP, further investigation led to the information that the ethercard library has CS on pin 8, my options were to re-wire or have a crack at modifying the library. I did try the UIpethernet library which worked but took up most of the memory leaving no space for the array

One modified library later I can now get an dhcp :slight_smile: but this is where my problem starts, the implementation of UDP in this library I cant make nor tail of, to cut a very long story short my previous code read recieved a UDP broadcast in to a buffer called packetBuffer like this

void loop() {
int packetSize = Udp.parsePacket();,MAX_BUFFER_UDP);

How on earth do I achieve this with the ethercard library, please bear in mind I am a relative noob and I'm stunned I managed to mod the library let alone got it getting DHCP so a lot of the examples may as well be written in martian.