Reading values from accelerometer

Hi i am using and arduinomega and MPU6050(gy 521)acceleometer/gyroscope
i have implemented i2c scanner as well as jeffrowbergs code .
now the problem arises when i try to take a single instance of values from the acceleometer like reading yaw/pitch/roll at a particular point.
which is giving me inaccurate values.
It is probably due to the fact that i am using delay(i know because removing delay works)
The issue is i am also reading flex sensor values which requires delay to give it time to read different hand movements.
I may be integrating the codes wrong so plz help me integrate or get single instances of accelerometer values

integrater_code.ino (7.96 KB)

program_to_read_flexsensor.ino (4.37 KB)

jrowberg_without_teapot.ino (3.2 KB)

How do you know that the values are incorrect?

I seriously doubt that anyone will go to the trouble of downloading and reading through three separate pieces of code that are not the [u]exact[/u] program you're using that has the problem(s). Please read the read the sticky note at the top of the thread listings on how to best use this forum - and paste your complete program correctly using code tags so that everyone can view it.

you can see only download the "integrator code". The rest of the code is for reference

i know that the values are wrong because it keeps increasing irrespective of hand orientation