reading vehical wheel speed sensor

So what I'm trying to do is input signal from my front wheel speed sensor into my mega 2560 board. I already got rid of the ABS system on the truck, so I'm just going to tap into the harness. I haven't tested the signal yet but it should give me a digital DC squarewave, .6v amplitude. 52 pulse/rev. I figure the max speed i would ever want to record is 1905 pulse/sec.

Now, on how to read this signal with the arduino. I figure, from what research I've done, that I can input the signal into a digital pin and trigger an interrupt for a rising edge. But question is, is how do I go about counting the frequency accurately?

I've seen where some have used a set gate time and counted pulses, time in between pulses, and somehow time for a 15 pulse train. What would be the best way to go about this? I would be fine with doing the last option, but I'm very very green on programming. Any help is appreciated!!

Digital DC squarewave :o? My head hurts... Forgivable given your username though ;).

I think we'd need more information on the signal. Is it PWM? Is it fixed pulse width with a limited number of pulses per second? How wide are the pulses?

0.6V is likely below the threshold needed to read on a digital pin, so you might need some sort of amplification, or bring it in through an analog pin.