readPixel(x,y); writePixelXor(x,y,color); for MI0283QT-2

I'm using MI0283QT-2 from The display works well, but need its time. So for movig object I'm looking for a possibility to reinstall the graphic content after displaying without redrawing the hole screen.
For a radar plot I'm looking for an enhanced libary function to read the graphics memory out something like:

Color = readPixel(x,y);
array(...) = readRect(x1,y1,x2,y2);

... so having the data for the partial reinstall/redraw

Another Option could be drawing objects in inverting mode - so with a Xor-bitset.


... so with a second indentical command the object disapears.

I've asked watterott, but the don't see a solution.
I've tried to hack the graphics libary, but it ended up in a mess.

Is ther sombody out ther, how can help?

I Googled "MI0283QT-2" and found a bare 3.3V module. There is a PDF for the MI0283QT-2 and another PDF for the replacement model.

All the signals are on the 47-way flex-ribbon. If you select the IM# pins for 0011, you get the 8080-8 interface.
The MCUFRIEND_kbv library will work with the HX8347-D controller. But you must #define the SUPPORT_8347D in the MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp file.

I know that MCUFRIEND_kbv works. I am fairly certain that Adafruit_TFTLCD library should work too.

Both libraries support readPixel(). MCUFRIEND_kbv supports readGRAM() too. i.e. read a rectangular block.

Note that you have a bare 3.3V module. It will be damaged by 5V signals.

If you want to use IM#=0100 the display should work in 4-wire SPI mode. I have written an appropriate library but it is untested for "read".