readString() doesn't respond when it's sent from an android through hc-05 BT

I'm very new with arduino. I was trying to light up LEDs. So, I wrote the following code.

int ledA = 8;
int ledB = 9;

String cmd;

void setup() {
  pinMode(ledA, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(ledB, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
    if (Serial.available()){
        while(Serial.available()) {

            cmd = Serial.readString();

        if(cmd == "ledAon"){         
            digitalWrite(ledA, 1);
            Serial.println("LEDa is ON");   
        }else if(cmd == "ledAoff"){   
            digitalWrite(ledA, 0);
            Serial.println("LEDa is OFF");
        if(cmd == "ledBon"){         
            digitalWrite(ledB, 1);
            Serial.println("LEDb is ON");  
        }else if(cmd == "ledBoff"){   
            digitalWrite(ledB, 0);
            Serial.println("LEDb is OFF");
        cmd= "";

The code works fine when I test it from with the serial monitor of Arduino IDE. But when I try to test it with android version of serial monitor through hc-05 bluetooth module. The string doesn't respond! Please help me! Thanks in advance :)

Do you have different line-ending settings on the serial monitors?

The string doesn't respond!

You don't have any strings, you have Strings. Big difference, because people like strings, but not Strings (except for Java programmers)

Yes sir, I had different line-ending settings. I fixed it. Now it works!!! Thank you sir :)