Ready Made GUI for controlling multiple servos using PCA9685 for Bipedal Robot

Hello Everyone,
I am Akash from India.

I hope you all are having a good day!!

I have just started learning Arduino as a hobby and my ultimate goal with this is to build a small Biped robot (18 DOF).
I have already completed the Arduino basics and I understand much of working of servos and other components.

I am working with Arduino Nano, two PCA9685 and 18 SG90 servos for my bipedal robot. I am making the robot parts from PVC foam.

I have seen many videos online about how to program your servos through GUI and then save those values and use them in your code for walking and other custom movements.

now i have looked into many applications like processing, Puredata, MatLab, etc but they all require developing you UI from scratch with will require more learning time.

I have seen readymade robot kits that come with their firmware in which you can control all hand and leg movements with GUI and then save them for later. eg. robots from, roboplus ect. but very costly.

now my question is, are there any similar readymade GUI for Servo controller for Arduino which we can use to control the servos and save the values with little UI modification just like they have for Roboplus and for other robot Kits?

Or can we mod these readymade SW to use with Arduino?

Thanks in Advance.