Real Time Clock (ds1307 )

goodday.. anyone here can share a library for ds1307 rtc that has a unix time and a manual rtc set. im having problem with the code of ladyada because it has only unix settings but dont have a manual set of time and date. i need the both features. thanks a lot.

I use RTCLib.h, as linked from the Adafruit site. I can manually set the time and date. Where are you having a problem?

thankyou for the reply sir. im using that too. but the update available is just by syncing the time with my laptop. i need to set the time one by one to make an "edit time" feature for my rtc using some buttons and lcd..

You can do that. You'll need to construct a value in your code that you can pass to RTC.adjust().

im really a noob sir. i only know basic C. please enlighten me how,, or a sample code sir.. thanks a lot.. :)

Can you get the time and date displayed on your LCD?

ye sir. it works perfectly. but i cant find a code that let me set the settings using only the arduino.. without the need of compiler and laptop.. =(

Have a search on this forum. This subject comes up frequently.

You wou'd have to wire up a screen and some buttons then write some code to use the buttons to setup the time and then set the ds1207s time.

sir hellonearthis.. unfortunatel, i need to modify the rtc.adjust by manual assignment of time, in hours, seconds, minutes date and year. not by syncing the time on my laptop. do you have any idea how to do this?

p.s i stick to adafruit's library because i needed the function. thanks a lot..

i need to modify the rtc.adjust by manual assignment of time

That's what it is for.

do you have any idea how to do this?

What have you tried? With what results?