Real Time Clock interfacing

I am trying to use an external clock with the arduino for some time keeping and alarming functions. I am pretty new and lost when it comes to I2C and byte registers, SDA reading/writing etc… I recieved a Max6900ETT ( . They sent me 2 FREE samples in just a few days. Anyway, after soldering the sot23 package to a SOT23 to DIP adapter (, my next step is to write some code to ‘set’ the time and read back the time and date via the serial port( serial enabled LCD).

Maybe too advanced for a new user but I am determined to learn this stuff.
Any help appreciated.
The data sheets for the 6900 timer might as well be written in some foreign language to me.

Thanks anyone…

Haven’t used that one, but there’s code on the forum for a DS1307 RTC; maybe that will help. I can confirm it works.