Real time clock

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nooB to the arduino (and microcontrollers in general)

I am working on a project that will require a real time clock. The ones I have found use the I2C protocol.

However, it appears that the I2C protocol is not (at least yet) implemented. So, I have a few questions regarding.

Is there another RTC that will work with the Arduino? Is there another method/ workaround?

And most important (long term), can we expect the I2C protocol to be implemented and when? This one I am curious mostly because I have noticed a lot of sensors/devices that use it.

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Christopher Lund - ├▒eurascenic

Actually, I2C should be supported in the next release of Arduino, thanks to the Wiring I2C library (by Nick Zambetti) which is compatible with Arduino. It won't leave much room for your programs, but it should work.

For now, my own code is going to be pretty simplistic. meet this condition, do that... type of a thing.

Any idea how much space would be left over? Guess that is a good reason to get the arduino stamp! Can't wait till sparkfun gets em in.

the last update from 0004 to 0005 took around six months. Ist that the expected time for the next release?

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