Real time GPS tracking and logging.

Hello, i have started a new project at work and it would be great if i could get some input from anybody els who has done something similar...

My project details.
I have made use of the Arduino Mega, Uno and the adafruit metro mini, i have found the metro mini works the best for my aplication so i am sticking with it for now.
I have added a Neo6M GPS module, an Micro SD card shiel, a dallas DS18B20 temp sensor and also my fav INA219 current sensor, i am using a quectel M95 GSM module and i am also running tests with the new Telit 900 with integrated GPS. Starting off with this project i could not get the gps and the gsm to run at all, i later found this to be due to the GSM.h lib that arduino supplies so i went and wrote my own lib for the QuectelM95 and Telit900 seperately, by doing this i could manipulate the GSM module to only do the things i want it to do, Now obviosly i am running out of memmory real fast and i could move over to The ATmega 2560 but i prefer to run with my metro board.
What the system does is connect to Freeboard over GPRS with my GSM and it relays all the data from my sensors and GPS to my Freeboard acount. The GPS movements gets logged every ten minutes if the GPS becomes stationary and then if it starts moving it starts to log(on SD) and update the freeboard account every minute, along with this i can also monitor temp, volt and current of the power sourch connected to the unit, ( i am supose to be tracking the new Li-ion battery modules for the GSM towers of MTN that is replacing the old Sealed Lead Acid packs)

Now there is 3 aditional things that i need to do that the boss asked me for, and other than just googling i was wondering if any of you have any spiff ideas that i can try out.

The first thing being- i would like to start using on board SIM and Memory so i would like to remove the std SIM card and also the Micro SD card and move over to on board flash memory IC's, has anybody worked with these items as off yet ?

the second thing is, my boss wants everything to now convert to Canbus and Modbus so we can add in industrial systems, The BMS that i am monitoring already uses Canbus with extended 29bit coding and i built a separate system for that but now i want to incorporate the Modbus RTU into my Freeboard. I know that freeboard works with JSON strings and other kinds of formats but does anybody know if it can make use of Modbus RTU format or will i have to convert the Modbus data into a sort of JSON string ?

The 3de thing the boss asked for is full on camera surveillance. now i will need to take semi-good video footage upon movement or tampering of the unit at a periodic time set, i know that most Arduino platforms are not stong enough for this. What kind of video platforms has any of you out there worked with that gave reliable results that i can look into ?

Thanks for your advise in advance it is much appreciated..

This sounds like a security system. I should think it will be much more efficient to purchase a system instead of building your own from hobby components.

For a commercial product where the 'boss' appears to have a requirement to keep adding features, the adafruit metro mini would appears to be completely unsuitable.

Is this going to be an open source commercial product, where you publish the code ?

The hobby components is for " proof of concept", it is easier to work with hobby components when you need to test alot of various things before desiding on what exactly needs to go into the product, the reason why it is being done this way is because when the "proof of concept" is finnished we will then comence design and building 7 diffrent products. and also i live in south africa and the products that we are designing and building is highly expensive here, so we are designing ;proudly south african products"

to give you an idea on costing, our one client uses a canbus system with a netbiter gsm system, now for the netbiter gsm system is around R11 000 and the anybus converter is around R5 000. compared to dollars it is cheap but not in Rands, i have developed these two systems with the clients request for a simple combined price of R2 500, as you can see it is much cheaper for us now and the client is very happy. The original design started of with arduino components and when the prototype was finnished we developed our own PCB and started mass producing, it will be on the market in a couple of months, we already have an order for 800 units and its not even finnished yet,

As for the real time GPS tracking unit i will post some example code up shortly that i have been working with.