Real Time Key control

I currently have four actuators and 8 relays I am controlling. I am using a serial window to control them. To control the actuators I have 12 keys including forward, stop, and backward.

Actuator 1 forward - Q key
Actuator 1 stop - W key
Actuator Reverse - E key

I have to hit Q, then enter and it keeps going forward until I hit W, then enter to stop. I would like to set it up where I hold Q to go forward and when I release the Q key the actuator stops (this way I could get better control and use only 8 keys). I was thinking of a serial window that sends a (Q for example) every .01 second that it is held and the actuator would run for that amount of time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this or examples they know of on the web?

Thank you

The program Putty will allow you to do that, you will just need to code it so if no key is pressed it sends a stop key ‘w’.