Real Time Operating System

A RTOS would be unimaginably useful for arduino based robotics. Also, error messages should be clearer and understandable. For example I get some crap about a sync error, where my board simply isn’t connected. The IDE should be able to distinguish.

if it cant sync because the board is disconnected is that not still a sync error :-?

Error: board not connected :slight_smile:

There are similar problems when a board is disconnected or powers down if you have the serial monitor open. You get pages and pages of red shouty writing as opposed to a message bow with an exclamation make “Please, reconnect the board”

Heh - you should try to diagnose car troubles via OBD blink codes…talk about cryptic!


Long flash = 10, Short = 1. Been there before.

It is not mighty freeRTOS, but can be useful if you are looking for simple multitasking environment with small footprint and resource demand.

Just to add to the list, Concurrency is a nice arduino multithreading makeover:

it’s not a full RTOS, but it can be used to emulate one I suppose

We have ported FreeRTOS past year, you can look at these links:

The versión 0.1 Alpha (for the 0017 IDE) is available here:

And there is a v0.2 Alpha which runs in 0018 at:

We did not make the v0.2, but are working in the v0.3.