Real Time "Sketch" Simulation


I'd like to know if it's possible to simulate the code running (is that debugging?) in Visual Studio 2010 or does it necessarily have to be uploaded to the Arduino board and then run it from there. If so, how can you observe, what's going on with the processes and functions e.g. step by step (to see how variables are changing etc.)?


Not much in the way of debugging. Have a search, a few threads have covered this topic.

Basically you have serial print/write statements, compile-time error trapping, using leds on spare digital pins to mark significant events, using sd/ethernet to log data.

An arduino doesn't have enough resources for exceptions, and isn't really fast enough for a debugger to provide information in a timely fashion. Simulators are no good either, as you rely on the hardware emulation being 100% accurate, only good for profiling code without actual hardware.

There is a VS2008/10 implementation of an Arduino environment and last I heard they had implemented proper debugging.

They have posted here a few times about it but I can't remember the details, maybe search for "visualmicro" that rings a bell.