Realistic LED Candle - Light w/ Match, Blow Out, Smokes!

I’m pretty stinking excited to have this finally complete and had to share it with you guys. It uses an Arduino Pro Mini, some RGBW NeoPixels, and glycerin. - Start here: 58-second demo of lighting, flickering, blowing out: - Walkthrough of the parts up close

BTW I figure you guys will notice: The MOSFET I used was the wrong type. It works, but I am aware (and have noted in the Instructable) that there’s a better one to use for this.

Candle Part 1 Thumbnail.jpg


Also, if you see any issues with the Fritzing diagrams or the code, let me know so I can make changes. Or, if you have ideas about improvements for V2, let me know!

I like the idea. Plan to build it. I am a beginner in coding, I need to understand your code, I may from time to time seek help to understand the code.