Really Bare Bones Board in EAGLE (single-sided)

Paul Badger of Modern Device Company designed the “Really Bare Bones Board” ( and placed the design in the public domain. (Thanks Paul!)

I’ve converted the design to the EAGLE CAD package, and in the process I noticed that you can pretty much make it into a single-sides board as well, probably not to hard to make using hobbyist materials.

It’s not quite the same as the MDC version; the power jack is different, there are no mounting holes, and I think you might have to be careful about “shortening” the board to make sure the power connections stay intact, but the core functionality has tested out (it uploaded and ran blink.)

Pictures show here:
CAD file downloads here:

Like the original, this design is placed in the public domain. Enjoy!

Very nice..thanks west

nice job

Hi, i just try to downoald RBBB Eagle file but download link don't work.

Can you please send me file?


Sorry. Geocities went away and I've moved the CAD files to here:

sweet idea man now i can program my chip with arduino max232 and then later put it on this plate to use it :smiley: pretty wise idea to save work eh? thanks man… kudos to you!

I’ve used the RBBB as the basis for a couple of my stripboard Arduino projects. Very simple and works well.

Hey, Great stuff, I was wondering, probably a rookie question, what is the X2 "Ceramic resonator" on the bottom of the board? I can't seem to figure that out. And where does the crystal go (if needed)? I was looking at something similar, the "Stripduino", would it be similar to a part form there?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if it's a rookie question!

Sorry, it wouldn't let me post a link in my first post. Here is the "Stripduino" I mentioned -

A "ceramic resonator" is an alternative to a crystal. Slightly less accurate and somewhat more rugged, the big advantage as far as the RBBB-type board go is that they are available in a smaller three-lead package with with built-in capacitors, so you only need three holes instead of six. They're also supposed to be cheaper than crystals (especially since you don't need caps anymore), but my observation is that crystals are much more available in the hobbyist marketplace, so this part doesn't hold up too well.

You can see what one looks like in this picture of the freeduino:

Using a crystal with the RBBB-SS board would be tricky - there is currently no spot for the caps...

Awesome, thanks very much and thanks for the quick reply!