Really Simple Instructions: arduino to Flash

Hi all,

I'm a very new noobie with flash and arduino, and can't seem to find simple, step-by-step instructions. I think I've got most of it all up and working, but I'm not quite sure. Most of the forums and help I've read seem to assume an understanding of serial and flash that I just don't have, but I really really want to get it to work.

I'm outputting temperature readings from an LM35 in Arduino, and just want to do something simple in Flash, like change the colour of the background according to the temperature or something.

I've looked at Flash Glue and the Brett Forsyth code, but there are no instructions or anything on how to adapt this any further.

Do I need to learn a whole lot more before even attempting this, or could anyone suggest anything?

Thanks, Emma

Hi Emma, I've never done it, but I've been saving this video for a rainy day. It's the best one I've found on the subject so far.

Good luck with it!

Did you have a look at this: and maybe this: