Really tiny soldering

Hi there. I was wondering how one could possibly solder those nice chips in SSOP or QFN packages by hand, without using a reflow oven or whatever. So I searched a bit and found some interesting links :!

You can also use the schmartboard EZ solution, but I don't really like the huge form factor : (they have a sample program on their site, and the boards are cheap, 10$ each)

Hope that can help you. I'm going to order some custom PCB and test if those hand soldering methods works with QFN packages for the cypress CY8CLED16.

Lookin hawt.

Personally, I'm trying to stay away from SMD for a while.

But this thread would probably be the first I'll google for(tiny soldering

Yep, I prefer through hole as I have a crappy soldering iron but some times, you can’t find a chip other than in a SMD package. Always useful to know ^^

Sparkfun to the rescue :)

They have Throughole breakout boards for many of their (cooler) sensors/devices :)

It's not hard especially with your eyes. ;)

I have to use a microscope. For some of the parts even you will need to use some sort of vision enhancement.

For the weight of one 1/2 watt resistor you can have a thousand of the small surface mount resistors. They're less than a tenth of a penny in cost each. That is what is driving the obsolescence of most through-hole parts.

To the bleeding edge of manufacturing even that isn't cheap enough. Technologies to print semiconductors using organic materials is becoming available.

The next step of course is to make them edible and tasty. ;)