Reals Atmgea2560 pins?

Hi buddies,

I did a code in C and now i passed it to arduino, and i need to know whats the INT0, INT1, INT2 pins at arduino board ?

thank you!

Its all shown on the schematic - between the schematic and ATMega 2560 (from data sheet you should be able to identify them pretty easily. Take a look, let us know what you find.

I'll even start you off - INT 4/5/6/7 are ATMega2560 physical pins 6,7,8,9, while INT 0/1/2/3 are dual-use pins 43 (SCL),44 (SDA),45 (RX1),46 (TX1).

Thank you man! I tried to do that but can’t realize whats are which one … very thank you!