Realy is driving me nuts.

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I bought “5volt STANDEX J 10317” SPST NC REED RELAY. But since morning I have been trying to make this thing switch (from NC to NO). I have not had any success yet. I have connected poles to 5 volt supply, then 9 volt battery, and then I have used 2N2222A and this schematic: to amplify current. but I cannot make it work. There is no datasheet for this relay, and I was just wondering how much current do I need to switch a 5 volt reed relay? I dont think the relay is defective, maybe I am not feeding enough current? any thought?

J 10317 This looks like a 12Volt 16mA relay.

To find the coil terminals, use an ohmmeter - they're the only pins that will result a resistance (tens to hundreds of ohms).