reasonable sound for less than 10 bucks?

Im building a toy and needs some music and sound. A simple pwm to a speaker is ok but i would like some better quality if possible. I found some really cool shields but way over kill for my project. I did find some older 80's chips - 8 bit music chips for $4-5, but they appear to need extensive support. I also realize i can use pwm to simulate a sin wave, but my toy has a bunch of other things to do and i dont want to dedicate it to music. So my question is, can i get some better music than a square wave?


A good starting point for Arduino audio is an LM386 audio amplifier chip - get the n4 version if you can its the most powerful - very easy to use and sounds great with Arduino.

Auduino synth played through LM386

Duane B

My two cents:,117009.0/topicseen.html

then there is the five dollar synthesiser, its just "pwm to a speaker", but the sinewaves at the end are a nice mellow sound and the arpeggios in the middle sound pretty reasonable too -

A link to the how to is in the video comments and the sorce code is available to anyone that PMs me for it.

Duane B

TDA2822 would be my choice.

You can also use a npn to buffer if the input is sufficiently high.