Reboot Ghostbusters Pack

Hi everyone,

i need some help?
i already have code that someon has written for me and looking for help with the wiring diagram from the project or any pointers like switches wires to ground and thing lke that.

they have since sold the pack with this code and any pictures have gone to help

any help would be great
i have attached the code.


Reboot Pack Code.ino (8.55 KB)

Somebody wrote the code........for you?

I'm curious as to how the code was written 'for you'.... but you dont have the prop (product)?

so you're trying to reverse engineer the sketch get a (sorta) schematic going?

looks like it uses neopixels and a bunch of switches..

good luck!

yes well someone donated the code to me and they sold the packs. and yes just trying to reverse engineer the code i have the switches and just trying to make sense from my limited experience of coding.

so any help would be greatly appreciated.


its the same code you helped with on

MagicD48 gave me the code :-) but she has sold the packs

ahh.. yes.. 7sinzz.

I no longer help with those threads.

it seems all the help freely given is then taken as they did all the work.. (like in the IronMan thread.. where clearly he/she had no clue.. then all of a sudden claims to have done all the work and have a thread that helped 100's of thousands of people)

i would never take credit for anything that wasnt mine!! could you make an exception for some help on this one as i would still like to learn more on arduino?? you can PM me if its easier.

i have written some code for the ghost trap but it was delay heavy!!

if you can help that would be perfect