Rebuilding a BioPod


I have a BioPod (, but the company is pretty much going under, so the controller app is probably going to stop working and support doesn't really exist. I have decided to try and rebuild the functionality myself with a NodeMCU, relays, MQTT and home assistant.

Could someone take a look at my sketch below and see if it seems sensible. I am pretty new, it is 1/2 built but want my approach sanity checked.

Features needed:

Ability to turn all devices on/off as needed
Dim LED lights.

External components are:
1 low pressure want pump
1 high pressure water pump
1 fan
1 air pump
1 heating cable
1 temperature monitor under water
1 humidity and temperature monitor


What processor are they using to control everything now?

It might be easier to reverse-engineer the protocols they use over WiFi and talk to the existing processor than to reverse engineer each of the inputs and outputs and replicate them on an Ardiuino.


I am using a NodeMCU v3. Their hardware is not awesome either by all accounts most of the actual devices are pretty basic and all the same voltage.