Recalling DMX from Eeprom memory

Hi Guys

I am very new to Arduino programming having never touched coding till last week so apologies if stupid question. I am currently using an Arduino Mega to create an intelligent lighting fixture.

I have a screen which has been programmed to set the DMX value and save it into the Eeprom memory using an array. How can I get the DMX Start Address to be the value that has been set on the Array?

Thanks in Advance

I have a screen which has been programmed

Say that again. That does not make sense.

Perhaps if you posted your code, the rest of your post would make sense. As is, it does not.


I am using a LCD screen which will set a DMX value and I was not sure as to how that can be saved, but solved the problem now. Turned out saving to EEPROM memory was not as hard as it looked