Receive and send data serial port

Hi everyone,

I have a Bluetooth Arduino and Arduino UNO and I wonder if I can with my PC serial port to connect the two. Let me explain, I want the arduino UNO (connected to PC via) can send data to the PC which would send them to the Arduino Bluetooth. Does the Arduino Arduino Bluetooth UNO and will be connected to the same serial port? Or will he that the data received into the serial port (COM2 for example) is sent through another port (COM3 for example)?

Thank you in advance:)

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If the two Arduinos are connected to the same PC, they will be on different COM ports. There is nothing on the PC that is going to take the data from one serial port and send it to another port. You need to write some application to do that.

Ok thanks ! So I have to received data from a COM port and send them by an other COM port ? It's that ?

If it is your goal to put the pc in the middle, then you can't just put them all on the same com port with RS232

There's another protocol which does let you do that: RS485