Receive data from multiple arduino boards wireless

I have a project, with 6-10 arduino boards in different locations reading sensor data (accelerometer). I want to collect these data as realtime as possible (within ms), and I want to do it wireless. With RF or .. something.

Maks transmitting distance is around 50 meters. Each arduino board sample / transmit data at 400 hz

I could imagine one of the RF-modules could be used, but that is typically only 1 to 1. I need 6 to 1.

Do anyone have a good suggestion for a solution to this?

All the best Christian Liljedahl

Have you looked at XBee modules from The are available on 900 Mhz, and 2.4GHz frequencies.

They would work with your proposed architecture in both of their product lines - point to multipoint, and mesh network.

I recently got myself several cheap rf modules (433 Mhz). With them I can have it send out to all my arduinos without problem.


I have heard about the xbee module, but was in doubt about it. Have heard ill about range and stability, but that might just be evil rumors?

I need to transmit data from each of the 6 arduinos and receive the data at a single point.

I'm not sure where you heard or read that about Xbee's, but I've never heard or experienced any range or stability problems.

The only complaint I've ever heard about XBee units is that they're a little tough to initially get configured for some - particularly if you use a Mac (the main config software in Windows only), or you're using series 2 units (since most of the instructions floating around the internet are for series 1 units)

I recently converted the RF modules in all of my designs to Xbee from generic modules and Nordic modules. I've yet to experience a problem with reliability, or distance. If you need distance you can use the Xbee pro modules and get rated distances of 300' indoors and 1K outdoors.

Also, if you use them in API mode, they have data retransmit and checksum capabilities, which would address any stability reports.

More information can be found here: