Receive input from R/C transmitter?

I don't know much about R/C transmitters and receivers (I'm a long time programmer just getting into hardware and microcontrollers), but I'd like to be able to use a 2 or 4 channel R/C transmitter to send signals to an Arduino.

Can someone point me in the right direction or suggest a hardware configuration? I'd like to make a simple ROV that does some datalogging.




search the forum with Google- this was answered at some point.


Thanks, Daniel. I should have been more specific with my questions.

I did start with a Google search, and though I found a couple of relevant posts, they were a little hard to follow for a person who doesn't have much experience with R/C. Sheepishly, I admit that I'm hoping someone will say "make sure you get a transmitter that does X, or be careful about Y, and so forth.

This posting was very detailed, but with its discussion of trainer modules, PPM frames, etc, it quickly went beyond my comprehension:

It stands to reason that an R/C receiver can generate pulses to control servos the way I have already done with the Arduino, but I was concerned about just plugging it in to one of the digital inputs and trying to read the value. Does anyone have words of caution before I just try that?

This article shows how to get the digital signal from a few different radio control receivers.

The receiver output can be connected to the digital input of the arduino, but it's a good idea to connect through a series resistor (anything around 2k to 5k should be fine).

You then need to measure the width of the pulses that are generated for each channel. PulseIn would work, although it does block waiting for a signal. There are more sophisticated solutions that have been mentioned in various threads here (keywords: pulsein, interrupt, input capture ) but they are more complicated and may not be necessary in your application.