Receive input from the keyboard through usb host and attiny


Sorry for my English is not a native language
This is my rarshon project and I'm getting a little confused .. I'm trying to get input from a usb keyboard via attiny to a computer and that attiny will be able to run code while .. After researching I realized that this is not possible because of the usb protocol (master and slaves) so after consultations I added usb host between the components what I have now is this:
pc ---> attiy85 ---> usb host sparkfun ---> usb keyboard When attiny runs the code but the keyboard does not work ..
My questions are basically:

  1. Do I need to write a specific code to usb host?
  2. If someone did something similar I would be happy and explain to me how he connected the components because I did not find a guide on the internet so I connected as I understood ..
  3. Is there a single component that can replace the attiny and the usb host instead of such a chain of components

Thanks in advance

It turns out that my explanation was not contained so here is the explanation .. sorry and thanks in advance

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why USB host for keyboard? did you try PS/2 (adapter)

[color=#202124]I need to use a usb keyboard.. This is where the problems begin[/color]


[color=#202124]I need to use a usb keyboard.. This is where the problems begin[/color]

many USB keyboards work as PS/2 too. did you try?

I tried .. it does not work unfortunately

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