Receive position signal from one device to another

Hi! I'm doing a project in which I want to connect a GPS locator to my phone, or build a device with an Arduino nano that remotely sends a signal from my location to a second device every time the button on device 2 is pressed. The second device It will be connected to an LCD screen and instead of reproducing the data of my location, that makes the conversion for example to: The subject is X meters from here (example that makes the calculation of how much is device 1 from device 2 and appears on the screen when you press the button). Its viable? What kind of software / tools would I have to use to create this connection remotely? Can the data be transformed so that it does the calculation that I have commented in the example? Thanks.

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If you want more help then you need to describe the actual project.

Google is your friend.

distance using gps c++

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If you use the TinyGPS++ library, you will find it has a function included where you input a long and lat.
It returns the distance and vector from that long and lat to the long and lat that the GPS is currently.

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