Receive remote signal (by old tv card remote receiver cable)

Dear people,

First of all, thanks for reading. Second I want to be able to control my computer by remote control. While searching in my old stash of cables I found a old remote control receiver used for my old TV- PCI card.

Photo of the cable:

I hooked it up to the Arduino and checked if it works with my (Sony) TV remote or any other. But the "AnalogRead" value of the pin stays the same whether I connect the receiver to the pin or not. I think it's not that simple as I thought.

So my question is, is this even possible with the cable I use? or did I do something wrong? I connected the +5v and GND to the Breadboard and hooked up the +5v to the red cable and the GND to the white one.

I also connected a cable from the same red wire to PWN PIN 11 on my Arduino. But the value isn't chancing whether I send a signal or not. When I disconnect all the cables the "AnalogRead" value stays the same.

So I guess I didn't hook it up correctly or it simply doesn't work because of the cable or anything.Maybe I'm totally wrong thinking or something, but hey, I just try learn here.

I hope that someone can help me.

Kind regards,


But the "AnalogRead" value of the pin

You're talking about analogRead and then about PWM - these are mutually exclusive.
For a remote, I'd be using pulseIn.