Receive SMS (Example)


I am trying to upload this sketch to a Crowduino V1.5. (Receive SMS: Read SMS messages and prompt them to the Serial Monitor).

I am using a link on this website to download the sketch.

When trying to compile the sketch on Arduino IDE I get the following errors:

Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega328" C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-1.0.6\libraries\GSM\GSM3ShieldV1ModemVerification.cpp: In member function 'String GSM3ShieldV1ModemVerification::getIMEI()': C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-1.0.6\libraries\GSM\GSM3ShieldV1ModemVerification.cpp:72: error: conversion from 'int' to 'String' is ambiguous C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-1.0.6\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/WString.h:61: note: candidates are: String::String(const __FlashStringHelper*) C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-1.0.6\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/WString.h:59: note: String::String(const char*)

Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?

This is my first attempt at using arduinos so I have very limited knowledge.


I am trying to upload this sketch to a Crowduino V1.5

Maybe you need an Arduino, instead.

Until now I though the Crowduino was part of the Arduino family. :-[ I checked where I bought it and it says that it is 100% compatible with Arduino IDE and shields.

this is it

Most of the example sketches work on it but I can't get GSM related sketches to work.

It is worth a mention that the error shows up while compiling the sketch but before I upload it.

Is this forum restricted to users with Arduino modules?