Receive Webhook on Nano 33 IOT


I'm a beginner with the Nano 33 IOT and I found resources on how to send something from the Controller to the Cloud, but not how to receive something.

I want to send a signal to the controller via Webhooks/IFTTT and trigger the controller to do something.

Is that possible?

You can check this article from Help Center on integrating Arduino cloud with IFTTT.
Help center:

Thanks for the answer, but this article only describes how to trigger an ifttt action from the arduino. I‘m trying to do it the other way, for example:

IF it‘s 11 AM THEN send a post request to my thing

In the meantime i figured that I‘ll probably have to run a web server on the arduino and receive the request there. Or is there an easier way?

Unfortunately, we do not have any existing documents to support this project. You can check Project hub for a similar project idea.
IFTTT projects from project Hub:

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One point you need to investigate is how the connection is working on the IP level. When your application requires a connection to your board from the internet you will need to open a port on your router. This is a serious security risk.

The reason home networks are relatively safe from outside attacks is that most if not all connections are started from within your network. You start a connection and then communicate through it. Your router does not accept connections coming from the outside.

You can follow the below thread for Integrating the IOT with Arduino:

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