Receive WiFi signal and 'turn' to LAN connection

I am wondering if there is a possibility, to receive a WiFi signal with an Arduino board (favorable with an external antenna connected for range extension - therefore, I am not considering devices like the TP-link TL-WR802N at the moment) and to provide an internet connection at an ethernet connector through this…
Does anybody have experience with this?

So you want an Arduino (UNO ?) to act as a WiFi router, providing a cabled Ethernet connection to a Laptop for instance ?

Why ?

Very hard to do and also hard to understand why you would want to do this.
What you are trying to create is an wireless ethernet bridge, and an Arduino doesnt have sufficient grunt or memory capacity to do this.
You could just manage this with a raspberry PI.

Thanks for your answers.
The plan is to provide an internet connection to several Arduino boards at a location, where only a weak WiFi signal is available. Therefore, I thought it might be best to use one range extending external antenna to receive the signal and the turn it into an ethernet signal.
Maybe I have to have a look at the RasPi then...

any low cost WIFI-Bridge - Access Point - WIFI Extender - with will do the job easier than an Arduino