Received Data from nRF24L01

Hello ,

Iam sending text “red” from one board to another that is working. i received the text “red”. Then will i make an “If” request “if the text is red” but the programm dont jump into the “if” function . Can everyone help me??


Code seems incomplete.

What does red(); do?

Code seems incomplete.

What does red(); do?

red switch on Led stripe red

The == operator does not compare array content; it compares for equality of the two addresses. You should use the function strcmp(). Google is your friend.

Also, you need to look at the documentation for; I suspect you are using it wrongly.

Use strncmp() over strcmp(). It's faster and safer if a C string isn't null terminated.

OR better yet, use a string library for micro-controllers. Download.

Thanks it works