Receiver side of NRF24 doesn't read the last line of received data correctly

I am trying the read sensor data using NRF24 modules, I receive the sensor readings (Air pressure, Humidity, Temperature, GPS course…) sent by the transmitter side correctly except the last data line (Speed from a GPS). However, the serial monitor of transmitter side output is alright but when it comes to the receiver side the data line is always zero.

Radio_Sonde_NRF24_Transmitter.ino (4.15 KB)

Radio_Sonde_NRF24_Receiver.ino (5.02 KB)

I’m. I expert but have played quite a bit with these and working on a project right now with these.
I’ve had a quick look at your codes, A little tip use more comments in your code this will help others get a better understanding of how it works plus you may want to alter it the future which makes its easy for yourself as you may forget what does what.

If you only want to display the data on the rx side why have you got the code to read all the sensors in the rx code ?

Also in your TX code you send a double out (the last one in your struct) and in the RX side it’s a float, they must be the same both the rx and tx so if you send a double you need double in rx code, so I would do all the maths in the TX side and then send out the data to the RX side if that’s all your doing is displaying the data.

I may be able to look at your code more in depth later

Are you aware that the RF24 radios can only send a packet of maximum of 32 bytes? How many bytes in the data structure?