receiving 4bytes of variables from my smartphone through bluetooth

I'm making a program to use my arduino as an alarm. But I have trouble sending variables from my smartphone to Arduino via bluetooth.

I made a smartphone application by app inventor. And I used the block Send4ByteNumber because I have to send number up to 1008000. But I found this block send a variable in 4bytes. And I don't know how can arduino receive them through bluetooth.

I tried to receive them all but I received only one. How can arduino receive 4bytes of variables via bluetooth? PLEASE HELP.

I tried to receive them all but I received only one.

Please show us what you tried and describe what was wrong.

Also, can you provide the details (or a link to the details) about what Send4ByteNumber actually does?

In an Arduino a long int variable uses 4 bytes but Serial can only receive, or send, 1 byte at a time. If you give the instruction Serial.println(myLongNum); it will convert the number into text and send it that way usually using far more than 4 bytes. Does your AppInventor do the same thing?