Receiving a text from the Wifi and showing it (ESP8266)


I would like to know if you think it is possible to collect a text that I will send on a website, to collect it and to show it on a LCD screen ?
In fact, I read a lot of tutorial about the ESP8266 (never use it though), and before buying one I would like to know if my project is possible. I have seen that you can receive some state (like 0/1 for a LED) but I found nothing about receiving a text.

Thanks by advance for your help.

if the text is available on the web site you can use a HTTP GET to read the information


Thank you for your response.
So it is possible. I have another question, about the ESP8266. I heard there is some different versions of it, with different number of GPIO.
Does the ESP8266-01 with 1 GPIO is sufficient for my application ? My text message can go only through one GPIO ?

Thank you

Please don’t try to torture yourself and get a proper module, like the WeMOS or NodeMCU boards. The only thing the ESP-01 is useful for is as WiFi shield for an Arduino. With them going at a few USD a piece you don’t even have to save much longer than for an ESP-01.

You can receive any kind and amount of data over http. I’m using web pages to send multiple settings and commands in one go, as a regular POST request. I’m downloading small files over http. I’m sending data to a MySQL database (not http but direct MySQL connection).

It’s just like any regular network connection. You don’t even need to use any of your GPIO pins for this part of the communication.