Receiving data from a Heart Pulse Sensor on Arduino and displaying a graphic


I am a computer student and would like to create an App that would receive data from a Heart Pulse sensor on the Arduino Uno and display a live graphic on a cell phone app for my school project, I am using a Bluetooth module HC-05 and I get the signal from this sensor on pin A0.

Is it possible to do this and someone helps me with the code? I will attach the code for read the pulsesensor and show on an application on PC with Serial Plotter Monitor, and the connection on the Arduino Board.

Bluetooth module HC-05 connections attached too it is connected on Digital PINS (0 TXD, 1 RXD) is the site that I have bought the sensor and that I am using the codes

Source.txt (8.72 KB)


Pulse Sensor.jpg


creating an Android or iPhone app is out of the real of this forum